##10 habits that cause loss of balance.

Sometimes things. We make every day can damage the structure of the body to lose the balance without knowing it. This behavior is the behavior of the almost total. We see here that this behavior is what. Then I checked in. I see that you make in these few restrictions.

One. Wear heels higher than one inch girls who wear heels higher than 1 inch, then it would have to modify the behavior anyway, because wearing high heels. The lower spine is bent more than normal. The unusual structure of the body and the pain came back.

Two. Sitting legs crossed, here is another behavior that has been very popular. But note that the cross-legged like a weight off the bottom of one side. As a result, the bones and the course.

3. I feel the hand crossed the clutter. I do not know how to deal. Folded arms as the most popular method. The folded arms on the back of the shoulder blades and back of the shoulder is stretched forward on to Amazon.com and retracting the neck extending to the front. It affects the nerves to the arms pipeline. It can cause hand fatigue. Or have tea. It also affects the blood vessels to the brain as well. If it's a neck to neck muscle is contracting. The flow of blood to the brain is restricted. This will lead to a headache. Or may be a chronic migraine.

4. A full wood bottom. Many people would never behave this way then. The seat bottom will not fit back muscles must work harder. Because of the narrow base of the weight in the chair opposite the bottom of the pan to fit into the bottom of the backrest until the end. Muscles to do less work. And birth weight at full capacity.

Five. Sit back rounded, sometimes we do not intend to sit back rounded long ride, but we gradually bent back down without knowing it. Sitting behind a bend or sit for a long time to figure Klag muscle contraction outstanding. The retention of lactic acid. The symptoms are fatigue, pain, bone deformities and problems ensue.

6. Carry any baggage. With a single shoulder. Often women are for the most part. Because of the complexity of the case and put it on. A carrying bag. With a long shoulder. Will cause the body to work harder just one hemisphere. As a result, the bones were crooked. The best way is to switch on or switch to a sling to hold the two halves of the bag to keep the body balanced. And, if possible, do not carry or carry heavy rare.

7. Carrying heavy finger, especially those who like to carry a few inches of Used in carrying heavy objects often. The resulting membrane is actually based on the knuckle and finger muscles as muscle function is used to catch the light, or if you use a heavy hand. Tendons are made up of the most provocative and fibrosis. I carry a lot of weight. The muscle and the other was connected to a neck brace. Muscle contraction than normal. This will affect the settlement of the bones and crushed nerves.

Eight. Standing back bend and stand crooked and bent it to the bone, lower back pain caused by it. The stand was standing right behind the stomach pull slightly. A while and then pull the seat slightly over time. For the treatment of the bone is a curved chassis and prevents back pain.

9th. Standing at left leg to stand by weight to one side on one leg. The muscles of the leg. Have to bear too much weight. And therefore, pelvic distortion. Results in the backbone to stand up for the right leg is required to weigh the two sides as well as wide-leg standing hip. It helps to balance the body's muscular legs to gain weight as well.

10. I curl up or sleep to keep the spine in a straight line. The most prone to the supine position with the face parallel to the ceiling. I turn to the back or bending forward too. Head pillow is not too hard or soft. Should have a pillow under your knees to reduce the deflection of the lower spine. If you need to sleep. Find bolster the sepoys. With all legs on the pillow in front of him to keep the bones in a straight line.

How was it for you to have this behavior on both 10 bit and I have a lot more on it. The structure of the body is balanced, so only the bad habits of a new life. The good health of my body.

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